Download Alexa App For Echo Dot

In case you bought a Brand new Alexa Echo Dot and trying to Set it up, You need to First Download Alexa app For Echo Dot, just follow these steps mentioned

  • First of all, in case you are trying to download the Alexa app on android device, visit the google play store on your Android operated device.
  • Now, type Amazon Alexa(Name of the app) in the search box or the Search Icon appearing on the top of your google play store app. Download alexa app for Echo dot
  • Make sure your device has sufficient memory to download the application on it or not.
  • Once you have made sure, click on the download button or install button appearing in the green color icon.
  • Your Alexa app will get downloaded and you are all set to use Alexa app on your Android operated device.

Download Alexa app for Echo Dot Setup

The best part of having the Echo Dot is your device is very mobile, You can place it anywhere and it’s very easy to carry. You can Connect your Echo Dot to the WiFi in just a few simple steps, You can call our Technical Support number to get it online with the help of a Technician or you can follow the manual which you get with your brand new Echo Dot. First of all, Unwrap the Whole thing, You will see the manual in the box. Apart from the manual, you will see a black colored hockey size Amazon Echo Dot. There will be a cable also to connect Your Amazon Echo to the Power outlet. Once you get all of them out, Plug your Amazon Echo into the Power outlet and wait till it gets powered on. once it’s powered on, you will see an orange color ring circling on the Amazon Echo Dot. The orange color light is an indication that your Amazon Echo is not connected to the WiFi. Now grab your Phone or Tablet and Download the Alexa app For Echo Dot from Play store in case this is an Android-powered Device. If you are using the Apple iPad, You need to Download Alexa app for Echo Dot from Apple App Store. once your device has the latest version of Alexa app on it. You can easily setup Your Echo Dot, To get started with the setup of your Brand new Echo Dot powered by Alexa, open up the app, visit the setting option from the top left the corner.

Echo Dot setup

You can also see the three straight lines which may provide you the option for opening up the settings. once you are into the settings, you can see the option to set up a new device, In case you have any Alexa powered device already connected you will see the device listed there. before you proceed any further,Download Alexa app for Echo Dot Setup make sure you are logged into your Amazon Account that you want to link to your Brand new Echo Dot. To make sure you are logged into the same account, click or tap the gear icon displaying in the settings option. In your Downloaded Alexa app for Echo Dot, You can use all the multifunction which will allow you to control the WiFi powered things such as Smart Electric Bulbs, smart WiFi Plugs, Smart WiFi enabled Bluetooth speakers, etc. you can listen to music, control the volume of your Echo Dot, Control the Electric light, control the Bulb and much more. Now let’s get back to the Echo Dot Setup again, once you are signed into the appropriate Amazon Account, you need to select the device you are trying to set up from the setup menu. In this case, it should be Amazon Echo Dot. Now as you have the Echo Dot setup Selected select the Continue option. Here you will see an option to Setup a new device or WiFi setup as an Option. In this case, you need to select the option to set up a new Device. Now press the continue button. You should be able to see your WiFi and other WiFi listed which are in the same area you are trying to set up your Amazon Echo Dot in.

Echo Dot WiFi Setup

Select the Wireless Network you are trying to connect your Echo Dot with. Once you select the wireless network you are trying to connect your Amazon Echo dot with, Echo Dot SetupEnter the Wireless network Security key for the Same Wireless network. Make sure you are using the Security Type as in WPA-2. This is the Most compatible security type for All the Wireless enabled connected devices. Once you have the wireless network security typed in, press the connect button. Now you will see the blue colored bar where you can see your Echo dot trying to connect with your Wireless network. If you have entered all the Details correctly then you should be able to connect the Amazon Echo Dot to your WiFi. In case any of the details Miss-match you will not be able to connect your Amazon Echo Dot to the Wireless network. To make sure you are using the correct password for your Wireless Network, you can call or contact your Internet Service Provider. You can also get the password for your Wireless network from the Sticker of your Wireless router. Most of the Router make provide the Wireless default password on the sticker which is located on the bottom or maybe back of the wireless router. If you got your Amazon Echo Dot Connected to the Wireless network then Congratulations, you have just completed your Amazon Echo Dot setup. In the next segment of this article, we will talk about how you can troubleshoot the wireless connection problems of your Brand new Echo Dot.

Echo Dot App Download

You can complete your Echo Dot app Download by a very simple step, visit the App store of the Device where you need to download the app and search for the app, once you see the app, simply click on install and get it online on your Device. Alternatively, you can also visit and get your Echo Dot Setup. You can also contact our Technical Support number to Get your Amazon Alexa Setup. Once you have your Amazon Echo Dot App Downloaded on your Device, You can control all the Alexa powered device using the same app with some simple steps. As mentioned earlier, you can Download Alexa app for Echo Dot, by using some simple steps. call or email our Technical Team for the easiest way to get your Echo Dot setup. You can also contact our Alexa Support Number and get it done in just a few minutes. You can also Visit our Other Links to the Website where you can Download the Alexa app for Windows 10 or you can Download the Alexa app for Echo